Covid-19: How Infonet Engineers Are Working Hard to Keep the Internet Active in the Time of Coronavirus

Team Infonet is working hard to maintain lower downtime and consistent internet to our users during this time.

Due to the long COVID-19 lockdown, Work from home culture has significantly increased across the globe. As a premier ISP company specialising in providing connectivity to the last mile customers and thousands of businesses in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, Infonet now has a greater responsibility to keep our customers connected during tough times. As most of our customers are serious internet users, we wanted to ensure that everyone is connected to internet hustle free.

As millions of people will use the internet like never before, there are changes that the Internet could run out of bandwidth in these times. But whatever happens, Keeping the internet on is an essential service and Infonet Engineers are working round the clock to make sure costumes are able to stay connected.

We use state of the art equipment from CISCO, CAMBIUM in all our towers and servers. We have also taken several measures to make sure the downtime is very less and address the problems remotely as possible. As all our users are connected with towers, we can ensure that downtime is minimized to the maximum possible level – Ravikumar, Founder, Infonet

Infonet has a 3 layer support system to care customers, when a customer registers a complaint the customer care will try to resolve the issue with basic troubleshooting, If it cant be resolved, it will be escalated to the online technical team who will provide remote support. 72% of issues are resolved in this stage. But still there are issues where technical engineers need to visit in person to resolve the issue, With government recommended precautions our engineers will visit customer sites and resolve the issue.

With limited transport capabilities, we are still working hard to resolve customer complaints in the least turnaround time as possible. Most of the issues are resolved on call itself, but if it has a need and we need to go in person, we are ready to go and help the needy with safety precautions – Rajkumar, Technical Engineer – Infonet

We have taken several steps to prevent our employees like, Equipping them necessary masks, clothing etc., We also make regular health checks to make sure everyone is healthy.

Infonet provides connectivity support to hundreds of bank branches, hospitals and many essential business locations, so we work round the clock to ensure you are connected.

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